Live Account  

Step 1 - Open a Forex trading account in your own name with this form.

You will need to provide proof of ID & address plus sign a LPOA. Account approval normally takes 1-3 days.

Step 2 - Transfer your money over to your trading account.

The minimum investment is $100 and all managed accounts are traded in USD.

Step 3 – Start trading .

(Please select "Yes" at Managed Plan if you prefer your personal account managed.)

  MUST Family Name  
  MUST First Name
  MUST email
  MUST phone
  MUST Telephone Password (the password for identification of the account owner when conducting trading operations by phone)
  MUST Country  
  MUST Address
  MUST Broker AccentForex DivisaFX NORDFX   
  MUST Deposit Amount from 100 USD (from 2,500USD for DivisaFX)  
  MUST Managed Plan (Automated trading program will be set to your personal account.)  
  MUST Managed Program BB-Chance can be selected for live accounts equals to or above $ 2,500 only  
  必須 Note
  MUST Sending Confirmation (Please check)