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Deposit: Moneybookers

Maximum possible amount for replenishment of your trading account in Trader's Way  by Moneybookers or debit card is 10 000 US dollars for one transmittance or equivalent of that amount in Euro. Even if you have no Moneybookers account you can use MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, Diners Club and other cards stated further for transmittance.

You can use MoneyBookers to deposit funds with credit/debit card (VISA, MasterCard, etc.) and withdraw to your Bank account or inversely.

In order to replenish your trading account by your debit card, you should:

1. Make your own account in Moneybookers and replenish it;

2. Log in to Private Office,

3. Choose Deposit from upside-menu.



Available transfer in U.S. dollars ($ USD), Euro (€ EUR).

Warning! To accelerate the funds transfer to your trading account currency of payment must match the currency of the account.

Replenish of trading account with Moneybookers from the “My Profile” last within a few hours. In the case of incorrect operation of electronic systems, payments are processed by the queue, and a trading account can be replenished within 1-2 days.

By making a deposit with payment system MoneyBookers all personal user data stored for the sole purpose of verification the customer in the future. Trader's Way not transfer (open) any personal information to third parties with no any conditions, according to the law correctly grown.

Please note that your account Trader's Way will be deposited with the amount different from what you sent on the commission. Moneybookers takes a fee of 2.9%. Full list of fees of MoneyBookers are available at official website of MoneyBookers.

Only account holder of Trader's Way can make deposit. Broker does not accept payments from third parties.

In the case of clients request to withdraw funds in accordance with the public offer "Agreement with Trader" Request is processed within one to two business days. In some cases, allowed processing of request until five business days.

Broker Trader's Way does not receive any commissions or other remuneration for its participation in the provision of services MoneyBookers and take no responsibility for the activities of MoneyBookers.

Trader's Way is an independent company providing services to, and independently makes decisions about prices and offers

For more information about the payment system, Moneybookers, please visit www.moneybookers.com


  Trader's Way  

Deposit: Bank Transfer

1. Log in to Private Office,

2. Choose Deposit "Wire Transfer" from upside-menu.

NOTICE! The funds to the Trader's Way may be sent only to the account holder, we will not accept money orders from a third person.

The funds shall be credited no later than the day following the date of receipt of funds to the account of the company.

Transfer usually takes no more than 3 banking days.


Company Trader's Way.com, in accordance to the international laws on combating terrorist financing and laundering of funds, payments for third parties are not accepted, payments to third person are not implemented.

  Trader's Way  


Application for money withdrawal is carried out from the Private Office.

1. Log in to Private Office,

2. Choose Withdrawal from upside-menu.


Withdrawals to bank accounts are possible only after depositing money through a bank. 

Web Money comission is 0.8% for withdrawal of money from your account. 

The Company does not charge a commission. Commission depends on the beneficiary's bank.

Withdrawals are to be made within 5 banking days from the moment of receipt of an application by the Company from the Client.


Trader's Way company, in accordance with international laws on combating terrorist financing and money laundering, does not accept payments from third parties and payments to third parties are not carried out.