The purpose is to let everybody know the trading results of your demo trading account. Everything including a web server is set by Aniesltd. Your personal information is not opened to third party.  

1. General:
1.1. The affiliation starts from the next month of your application; There is no minimum requirement on the duration of the affiliation.
1.1.1 The reward of the affiliation is $5 per month and paid anytime by your request. The transfer of the rewards may take 2-3 days.
1.1.2 No management is necessary at your side..
1.2. To take a part - Participants of affiliation have to make a Demo Account (fill application for Demo Account);
1.2.1. An applicant will receive a confirmation mail;
1.3. To participate in the affiliation you need to deposit $100 which will be fully reimbursed at the cancellation of the affiliation by your request.

2. Terms & Conditions of the affiliation:
2.1. Participant of the affiliation:opening of a demo accounts as well as the deposit of $ 100 considered only;

3. Force measure:
We are not responsible for the failure, failure or improper performance of any provision of these rules, if this is due to the influence of circumstances that are beyond our control (such as natural or manmade disasters, wars and other situations not mentioned in this list .).

  4. Procedures:  

1. Make your own account in Moneybookers.

2. Upload your fund to your Moneybookers account.
Please note that Moneybookers fee will be charged depending on the way of the transaction. Please see FEE of left-side menu of Moneybookers after logged in.

3. Send $100 from your Moneybookers account to our Moneybookers account.
Recipient's name: ANIES LIMITADA
Recipient's email address: salesinfo@aniesltd.com

4. Please let us know from the link below your Moneybookers account information.
Your Moneybookers account name,
your Moneybookers account mail address and
your Moneybookers account ID.


5. After confirmed your deposit the affiliation starts.