Premium Limousine Jaguar XJ (Accent Forex)  
Premium Limousine Jaguar XJ

1. General:
1.1. The promo is actual from the December 30, 2011 to December 28, 2012;
1.2. To take a part - Participants of promo have to make a request (fill application for participation in the Promotion);
1.2.1. Application is filed at the “My Profile”;
1.3. To participate in the promo can be any live accounts of Accent Forex, with balance in amount of at least $ 1000;
1.4. The main prize is British car -  Jaguar XJ (see package list);
1.5. Each promo participant can have an unlimited number of accounts to increase it’s chances for winning Jaguar XJ
1.6. Each participant must make a trade (orders) in amount of 10 lots or more

2. Terms & Conditions of the Promo:
2.1. Only live-account-clients of Accent Forex can apply for this promotion.
2.2. Participant may use automated trading systems (Expert Advisors, EA etc) and trading strategies without any restrictions;
2.3. Considering the results of the promo: live accounts with balance equal to $ 1,000 or greater - considered only;
2.4. Considering the results of the promo: live accounts with trading volume in amount of 10 lots or more considered only.

3. Results of the Promo:
3.1. The main winner of the promo - owner of Premium Limousine Jaguar XJ will be determined randomly, by a simple algorithm by the formation account number with the meanings of quotes, last-in terminal December 28, 2012;
3.2. Method for determination of the winner's account number:
3.2.1. To determine the winner included the last four digits of the account number.
3.2.2. The remaining numbers of quotations (BID) for the accounts of "Mini" EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY, GBPJPY, received by the terminal to the last Friday will form the ending number of the winner, for example, the latest quotations were as follows: 1.31855 1.58618 113.595 136.325 - respectively winner in this case was a trader with an account number ending with 5855. In the case of not relevant to any of the account numbers or if we can not contact the owner of the account - winning would be considered the closest in meaning number;
3.2.3. In the case when the closest would be two numbers, prize winner will be the greater of the deposit;
3.3. AccentForex discuss with the main winner of the promo within 20 days after the results of the Promo drawing, AccentForex date, time and place to get the main prize;
3.4. Account, the winner of Prmo must be checked for compliance with the stated registration data – to real requisites.
3.5. Prize distribution of the Promo will be made only upon presentation of them (the winner) documents of identification (eg passport or other document), and the signing of the reception and transmission, with an indication in the act of the required information: name, name of the participant, date of birth, passport data (or data provided by another document), contact telephone number with area code mandatory settlement (Country);
3.6. Any Promo Participant shall be fully responsible for paying all required taxes, customs duties and other obligatory payments current, applicable laws of the receipt of the prize;
3.7. The costs of transporting the main prize (a car) to the place of delivery assumes by AccentForex;
3.8. If for any reason the winner can not or do not wish to come for the car to the place of delivery of the main prize, the winner will open a trading account in the amount of $150 000.00. Prize money will be available for withdraw, any profits resulting from trading in this account may be withdrawn without restrictions.

4. Special provisions:
4.1. AccentForex reserves the right to refuse (and in some cases to withdraw funds accrued) in the event of a client "Treaty Trader";
4.2. Any changes to these rules - the contestant will be notified via e-mail (E-mail) or the corresponding publication on the site, after which changes will be in force;
4.3. All disputes arising under this action shall be resolved through negotiations. If it is impossible to conduct negotiations, disputes are resolved on the basis of the administration AccentForex global practice and personal experience. The decision is final and not subject to reconsideration.

5. Force majeure:
5.1. AccentForex not responsible for the failure, failure or improper performance of any provision of these rules, if this is due to the influence of circumstances that are beyond the control of AccentForex (such as natural or manmade disasters, wars and other situations not mentioned in this list .)