Contest Rules

US residents are not eligible for prizes. In the event that a US resident wins, the prize will be transferred to the next contestant with the highest ending balance.

The total prize fund amounting to 500 USD is distributed among the three winners in the following proportions:

First Prize 300 USD
Second Prize 150 USD
Third Prize 50 USD

Please note that it is not allowed to put forth more than one contest account. Such contestants will be disqualified.

The contest starts at 08:00 AM GMT, April 1st, 2013 and ends at 20:00 GMT on June 30th, 2013.

Registration ends at 08:00 AM GMT, April 1st.

All traders must be willing to let their trading record (of the contest) be publicly published during and after the contest.

All open positions will be automatically liquidated at the close of the contest.

It is required to specify your real Name and Surname upon any registration. In case a participant, inadvertently or purposely, has indicated the real Name and Surname incorrectly, he/she will immediately lose the right to claim their prizes and will be disqualified from participating in all rounds of the competition.

The three contest winners are those contestants with the highest rate of return during the contest.

The prize money will be credited on the winners’ trading accounts. After the contest results are announced the winners have to open their trading accounts in Partners of Aniesltd.

Each round opens and closes according to the above mentioned schedule.

All trading operations are performed with virtual money on the demo contest accounts that are opened separately for each round of the competition.

Participation in the contest is completely free of charge.
Each participant who has registered a demo contest account agrees with the Terms and Conditions:

- In order to begin trading, participants are required to install a trading software "MetaTrader 4", enter their access data (Login and Password) into the corresponding fields in the File Login menu and then choose the "Demo" trading server in the pop-up list.
- Within the contest, accounts are demo accounts in the MetaTrader 4 trading platform that are provided with a margin rate of 1% (i.e. leverage 1:100) and a virtual deposit in the amount of $10,000. Access data for use in MetaTrader 4 (i.e. login and password) are sent by e-mail to each participant at the end of the registration process.
- After setting EA (Expert Advisor), participants are required to upload requested files to the trading server of Aniesltd.
- Prize funds are distributed in the form of deposits placed in live accounts, opened by Aniesltd for prize winners using their personal details that were provided during the contest registration.
- The whole amount of a prize that is paid to a winner's live account and all the subsequent profits are the property of Aniesltd before the minimum trading volume is completed.
- A minimum trading volume of 0.2 lot of Forex has to be completed per each 10 USD of the initial account balance.
- A withdrawal from the prize account is only possible after the full trading volume has been completed.
- The prize winner must submit photocopies of their passports or ID cards within 5 days after the end of the round to Aniesltd. Aniesltd reserves the right to request additional documents or procedures in order to verify the winner's identity.
- Withdrawing funds from the live prize account can be conducted to the winner's bank account only if the bank account is opened in the name of the participant. Aniesltd reserves the right to request additional documents or procedures in order to verify the winner's identity.
- Aniesltd retains the right to close or cancel the competition at any time because of unexpected or unusual circumstances.
- It is the responsibility of any participant who has won any prize money to pay taxes on their winnings in accordance with the respective laws of their country/region.
- If for any reason the competition is terminated due to unforeseen circumstances before the official end date, the ranking of participants at the moment of termination of the competition will not be considered as the basis for establishing winners.
- In exceptional cases, where an appreciable error has occurred, the criteria for determining the winners of each round can be changed by Aniesltd.
- Aniesltd retains the right to change the competition rules if unforeseen circumstances should arise or if an obvious error has been found.
- The final results of completed rounds cannot be revised.

EA Contest

Step 1 - Open a Forex demo trading account with this form.
You do not need to provide proof of ID.
Step 2 - Transfer your MetaTrader4 files to our trading server using FTP.
Please use FTP client software to transfer the files. (Download free FileZilla Client)
Step 3 - Start the competition .
The demo trading results will be opened to the public and accessible via web. Your personal information is not opened to third party.