What is the ECN/STP account? What are the advantages of such an account?

The ECN (Electronic Communication Network) is an electronic transaction system of purchase and sale created to eliminate intermediaries from the trading process; it connects brokers and traders directly. The ECN system is similar to a stock exchange. However, unlike a stock exchange, the ECN allows traders to make transactions themselves, while at a stock exchange only brokers can make transactions on behalf of the traders. The advantages of such systems are:
•Around-the-clock (24/7) trading; traders can be located in different time zones;
•Traders are fully supplied with all the necessary trading information;
•High-speed performance of transactions due to the latest communication and data processing technologies;
•Empowers traders who in the past had no direct access to trading and could not compete with brokers. Today, orders placed through the ECN by individual traders can influence market dynamics.

STP (Straight Through Processing) is a way of handling or processing trading orders directly, without involving brokers, which increases the speed and quality of order execution. It is similar in nature to an NDD – No Dealing Desk. As a matter of fact, all these technologies are closely related to each other so they often use the same service names. Trading on such an account has a number of advantages:
•Fast execution of orders;
•As a rule, high liquidity;
•High quality of quotations as a result of eliminating manual order handling and taking brokers out of the trading flow;
•The smallest spreads possible on the market today.

We offer our clients a rare opportunity to take advantage of these trading practices directly by using the MetaTrader 4 platform. In addition, for the first time in the trading industry, we will adjust our commission depending on your performance. The more you trade, the less commission you will pay.