How can I open a live account?

[Step 1]
Open a Forex trading account in your own name with this form.
You will need to provide proof documets.
Account approval normally takes 1-3 days.

1) Personal ID
- a copy of your Passport or your national ID card or Driver's license. Should expire not less than in 3 months.

2) Proof of your address
- any bill with you name and address: utility bill (gas, water, electricity, fixed phone,etc.) or bank statement. Should be not older than 3 months.

Documents' format requirements: 300 dpi resolution, each file - not more than 1Mb, file format - *.gif, *.jpg, *.png or *.pdf.

Documents should be in English or with CERTIFIED English translation.

[Step 2]
Transfer your money over to your trading account.

[Step 3]
Start trading.