Managed Forex Plan with automated trading system

BB-Chance April-Sept. 2012 Results (Real NordFX)

BB-Chance April-Sept. 2012 Results (Demo Accentforex)

BB-Chance April-Sept. 2012 Results (Demo Divisa Capital)

BB-EU April-Sept. 2012 Results (Real Accentforex)

Points BB-Chance; up to 500% per month profit (Accentforex April-May 2012)
Points BB-EU; more than 8% per month profit (Accentforex April-Sept. 2012)
PointsDedicated server operated by Anies, Ltd. without any additional cost
PointsCompensation to falling below par value offered according to the operating period

Get a right of FREE Managed Plan! if you apply until Oct. 31st, 2012 for a live account of our Partners via our website. For more details, please see the promotion.

Proprietary automated trading programs controled by the experience of professional Forex traders

Anies, Ltd. uses a fundamental approach that seeks to identify the current economic cycle by analyzing various indicators and overall market conditions. Automated trading uses expert advisers (EAs) and signals developed for the system. Anies, Ltd. offers a managed account with a combination of various types of EAs. Doing this gives clients the opportunity to balance risk in their accounts.


Our clients are our number one concern. We tailor our services to the needs of financially successful individuals and prestigious institutions.

Long-term financial goals for our investors include capital appreciation, limited volatility, and quick recovery times from market losses. Our objective is to produce positive returns with less risk in all market conditions. We believe that positive returns can be realized in any market, regardless of its direction. By investing long or short in the market using our system, we can take advantage more efficiently of economic conditions and flows of capital. The results are superior returns to traditional equity strategies with less risk and lower drawdowns.

Benefits of a managed Forex trading account:

PointsProfessional account management
PointsAsset diversification through Foreign Exchange Trading
PointsTrading opportunities in both rising and falling markets
PointsDiversified Forex trading discipline using only the major currencies
PointsReal-time account management and reporting
PointsLiquidity of assets; money can be withdrawn easily
PointsParticipate with an individuai retirement or through certain company retirement plans
PointsStrict money management rules
PointsLow initial investment for a Managed Account starting at $100 (BB-EU).
PointsExcellent Customer Service
PointsClient has 24 hour access to aii account information and trading activity
PointsNo minimum time frame; withdraw when you want

Anies, Ltd. will direct you to open an account at a specific Forex broker via our link. Anies, Ltd. works with the world's top Forex brokers. This will be your account and you open them directly through us. Anies, Ltd. can only trade your accounts. The only person who can withdraw funds from your accounts is you the client. This is a very important feature: you deal directly with the broker. Anies, Ltd. provides with a high-quality 24/7 VPS service. The service is free of charge for Managed Plan customers.

Fees and Related Costs

PointsNo Performance Fee until cancellation of the Managed Plan, if you apply until Oct. 31st 2012. (Normally 25%)
PointsNo Annum Management Fee

Application of the managed plan : live accounts with balance equal to $ 100 ($ 2,500 for BB-Chance) or greater only

High Watermark Policy

Performance fees are based on a new high watermark for any month that is charged.
For example, a client may deposit $10,000 and the profit commission is 25%. At the end of the first month the account balance is $12,000. First months profit for Anies, Ltd. is $500.00 (25% of $2,000=$500). $500 is debited from the clients account in favor of Anies, Ltd.. The next month the beginning balance becomes $11,500 and this becomes the new high watermark. At the end of the second month the ending balance on the account is $9,000 .No performance fee is debited from the account as the high watermark remains $11,500. This example is assuming that the client made no new deposits which would increase the high watermark or any withdrawals which would lower the high watermark.

The broker where the account is traded is compensated on each trade through the spread between the bid/ask prices.

Compensation for Our Managed Plan Clients falling below par value

PointsClients of Our Managed Plan for 5 years or more; 100%
PointsClients of Our Managed Plan for 3 years or more; 50%
PointsClients of Our Managed Plan for 1 year or more; 25%
PointsClients of Our Managed Plan for less than 1 year; 10%

Compensation is not applied for the clients who are exempted from Performance Fee and Annum Management Fee with our promotion. Compensation is only applied at the time of cancellation of the managed plan. We are not responsible for the compensation, if the falling below par value is due to the influence of circumstances that are beyond our control (such as hardware failure, natural or manmade disasters, wars and other situations not mentioned in this list.).